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Current , A river primer

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The following was previously published in the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance Bronzeback Bulletin We as river fishermen are affected by current in all aspects of our fishing experience. How many of us really understand how it functions and how it affects ou… more »

fishing shows

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 Now that the fishing show season is upon us, how do you approach fishing shows? Is it just a way to get out of the house, maybe a quick fix for cabin fever or a chance at a deal on some gear? None of those are bad ideas but it can be so much more.  Yo… more »

Cabin fever, not for me.

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Cabin fever, why? I've heard people complain about cabin fever this time of year. Either ice fishing doesn't appeal to them or it just doesn't give them the same bang as casting and feeling their lure working in the current. They have rearranged their… more »