Winterizing your Outboard - Step by Step

Article Submitted By: Bob Gray

1.Fill up your gas tank and put stabil in. From what I understand, a full tank allows less condensation to form which helps keep the gas fresh.

2.Run your engine with the ears on for awhile to make sure the gas/stabil combo has a chance to work through the system.(Step 1-4 can be done during your last trip on the water)

3.With the engine running, spray fogging oil into your air intakes until the engine chokes out.

4.Lower your engine and make sure all the water drains out.

5.Remove spark plugs.

6.Spray the insides of the holes with fogging oil. a couple seconds in each hole should do.

7.Rotate the fly wheel by hand a few times and replace the sparkplugs.

8.Place a pan underneath the motor and remove the screw at the bottom of the lower unit.

9.Remove the oil level/vent screw. It should be above the screw you just removed. The old oil should start flowing freely now.

10. After all the old oil drains out, attach the pump with the new oil to the bottom screw hole.

11.Pump until the oil starts to come out the oil level/vent hole.

12. Replace the vent hole screw.

13. Detach the pump and replace the bottom screw quickly.

14. If you have a 4 stroke, change your engine oil and filter.

15. Have a couple beers to celebrate another great year in the boat....she's all ready for next spring(Step 15 can be done at any time during steps 1-14 )