has quickly become one of Chicagoland's premier hunting and fishing websites offering its membership an interactive method to share information and become more educated about the outdoors. We launched on February 9, 2003 and since that time we have built a membership of over 8,000 registered active members, since March of 2014 we've achieved over 89 million page views and currently an average of 220,000 independent page accesses daily.

We are ranked in the top five responses on the major search engines for the search criteria “Chicago fishing reports” and “Chicago hunting reports” and our membership continues to grow daily. We pride ourselves on the fact that we support a broad membership that maintains the proper decorum and everyone is treated with mutual respect, something we believe separates us from similar fishing and hunting websites.

What makes us different from other interactive websites?

Our membership is active; we do not allow spam or false accounts to remain in our database building misleading membership statistics. Spam or false user membership accounts made on Chitown-Angler are removed immediately. Chitown-Angler will not build false statistics based on deceptive or false memberships.
As much as possible we prohibit the use of IP address that simply “sweep” web sites. These build false statistics; our goal is the offer outdoor content to our Chicagoland area audience without the interference on our dedicated server. Rapid server response time, an enjoyable site experience, quality and accurate information are the primary goals of the Chitown staff.
We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, cyber bashing and pornography. We are a family site!
We have a moderating team of seven to guarantee that all the information posted on Chitown is about the outdoors.

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It is important to note that when advertising on Chitown we offer only single invoice, single payment opportunities. Our goal is to keep our administration cost down which we can pass on to our consumers. Monthly and semiannual billing is not available.
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Advertisers are responsible for submitting their banner for approval. The standard banner size is 250W X 100H. As a courtesy we create a simple banner for placement. If additional work is desired we can assist upon request and offer a quotation. offers yearly advertising with banner advertisements located in our internal forums or on the main page. Multiple banner combinations are available upon request and quoted appropriately.

Please take the opportunity to view our website at, we believe that you will find the site entertaining, educational and informative. Our forums encompass a majority of fishing, hunting and equipment related topics for our membership to benefit from. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

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