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Post Posted: 07:17am - Apr 18,05 
It sucked. seemed the Pros were getting skunked.

Launched out of CJ's and spoke to a few pros. Most were having trouble. Couple from MN were perplexed.

Team Crestliner had a major pow-wow on Marie, boats all locked together.

The mosquitos were out! Water hits 60 degrees and it's a free-for-all! even a water skiier in a shorty...whew...cold!

on the fishing note: one crappie...and I bumped a Ski with the trolling motor.(don't worry, it's fine :? ) Crappie and gills were all shallow. 2' or less. Weeds are getting serious ALREADY. Last week hardly saw any, this week it's begining to choke areas off!


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Post Posted: 09:33am - Apr 18,05 
Exact same results for me. Got out Saturday and Sunday and got a few gills, no crappied to be found. Caught two Walleye on a jig and minnow rig on Bluff in about 4 fow! I talked to the PWT guys renting the cottage at CJ's and they caught a 10lb walleye on Friday pictures should be available soon at CJ's. They said after the tournament more details will be available :lol:

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Post Posted: 09:34am - Apr 18,05 
I just spoke with my friend who has a friend in the PWT. He is a local boy. He spoke with other tourney guys as he was pre fishing and most are not happy and not use to low water fishing like the chain has. Also there has been reports of lower unit damage to some.

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