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Post Posted: 06:35pm - May 19,03 
fished from 11:00 till 2:00, started at the riverfront pub, headed into lake cal, caught 6 bass, all on cranks, water temp was 60, found a few spots to be 63. i fished the river from lake cal, past the ford plant, 6 more bass, 3 on cranks, 3 on plastic, all small, no size to them. 7 boats went by me, all pleasure boats, none of them were obeying the no-wake signs. the no-wake signs are a joke, they look like the same small signs that have been on the bridges forever, i can't see how the coast guard could give you a ticket, if you blink you'll miss the signs.



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Post Posted: 06:54pm - May 20,03 
if you blink you'll miss the signs

My advice...Don't blink! They may be under-staffed right now but if the USCG catch you going over the limit you will get a fine! I'd be extra careful in the area directly under the skyway, they are doing repairs to the underside of the bridge and there are guys in those cranes that are sitting on that Barge and they are tired of getting waked with every passing boat. Their job is dangerous enough to begin with....Give them a break...obey the No Wake! (Hey...that rhymes!)

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