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Post Posted: 12:33pm - Oct 3,10 
Had a couple hours today and wanted to clear my head.

Picked up a couple dozen minnows and headed to Elgin. Checked the Dam and there was a little to much water coming over the top so I decided to go down stream. To bad to because I have a nice hole by the tracks that normally produces some eyes.

Mostly worked the slack side of structure and the bridge pilings directing a float to what seemed like all the right places. Ended up with 10 between 12 & 17 inches.

Sorry no pictures, I went solo.

River is real good for wading right now and the fish are aggressive. Missed more than I'd like to admit.

Visibility was about 8 inches. Water is pretty dirty.

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Post Posted: 03:50pm - Oct 3,10 
Good job Marc, I am glad that someone went out and got the fish they were chasing :shock
Next time you want some company chasing eyes there are alot of us who would be willing to learn from a pro. :allah
not saying i am one of them, ok maybe i am :thanks




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Post Posted: 03:59pm - Oct 3,10 
Nothing clears the head like being on the water. And you caught some :fisch fish to boot

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