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Post Posted: 07:35pm - Sep 6,10 
I got out today at Wampum Lake again.Fishing action was pretty slow,but the conditions seemed good.Ended up catching 4 bass today ,all fish about 13 or so inches.Not great, but didn't get the skunk at least.All fish came on a purple zoom trick worm,rigged texas style.Lots of people out on Labor Day today,many of whom were fishing.Met a Conservation Officer who was a most helpful soul,after checking my license,we had a great conversation and he was all too happy to answer the many questions I was looking to ask him.I think for me I was most suprised the vehicle he got around on was one of these.


Looks like a great way to get around and mingle with the people! Also had a talk about the walleye stockings at Tampier Lake.Seems the fish do not naturally reproduce,so with a little electroshocking,both males and females are taken and artificially milked of eggs and other stuff,where the fish can still reproduce,and then get released once more back into the lake. My hats off to the officers for getting out there and keeping things in order,so that we all can enjoy these resources for years to come.


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Sounds like an enjoyable day! Nice to hear/see a FPP out there making rounds. Thanks for the report!

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