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I drove out and fished with my old man on Thursday night for a couple of hours and then all day on Friday. Thursday night we fished one of the wing dams just down from the dam by the barge. I landed a couple of fat pike and 1 legal walleye. Lost a couple of other fish also. Friday it took some looking around but we finally found the perch. We got our limit plus a walleye and pike. Our largest perch was 13.5'' I would think the next couple of week will be real good out there. Water was at 38.8. We caught our fish on worms and minnows. Minnows seemed to get the bigger fish. Thursday night my fish were caught casting plastics.



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Krazy, Nice report way to get out there. They should be ramping up over the next couple of weeks.



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My friends fish a floating barge just north of Genoa and they had one of their best trips in a long time, about 2 weeks ago.

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