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I fished the float on 3/21 and my dad and I each kept a walleye and a sauger and tossed back 6 little ones total as well as 2 redhorses ( a carp that has red fins and a red tail). 8) My brother caught one of those 6 little ones and lost what we believed to be a big walleye. All the fish were caught on minnows on a river rig or a slip-sinker rig. The river was so high that the current was moving backwards where we were and cornstalks were floating around, causing us to have to pull our lines out every couple minutes to take the stalks off. On 3/22 we tried to fish but we left the float at noon because it was cold, rainy, windy, the water was extremely dirty, the fish weren't biting, and the extreme current and weeds made it impossible to fish. :( On 3/23, we didn't even try the float, instead we tried the shore for 2 hours in a rain/mist mix and caught a couple of fat perch 9"-11" and then left for home. This was the worst spring we've ever had, but hopefully the river crests soon and recedes and warms up for the run in April.


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The river will be a mess for awhile. Luckly it got cold again up north and slowed down the meltoff but they got more snow so I dont think we seen the worst of it yet. I know 14 is flooded and its going to be for a few weeks yet.


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