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Post Posted: 11:00am - Mar 9,17 
Interesting article in Morris Paper about the 2017 Asian Carp Action Plan ... s/aua5pbm/

They are some stubborn suckers - those contractors are out there almost eveyr day and they about clean them out of the Marseilles pool(I always call it Morris) and yet they are right back next year.

FYI - for clarity in reading the article for those who don't know, the name of the pool is determined by the dam that creates the pool - so the Marseilles pool stretches from Marseilles upstream to the Dresden dam - I know I am guilty of always calling the pool by the name of the biggest town or the dam the feeds the pool.

Here is the link to the Action Plan - in the article it is incorrect. ... onPlan.pdf



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Post Posted: 04:51pm - Mar 9,17 
Until I was trying to get the proper crappie limit a few years ago I didn't realize that the areas that most of us fish is the peoria pool.

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