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Post Posted: 01:49pm - Aug 14,13 
Hey folks just a quick piece of information. A couple of folks have called me about "Microsoft" technicians who call their phones and inform them they have a "trojan virus" and that they can clean up your system for just a one time slightly phenomenal fee. Of course after you give them the card number all is fixed... Until you try to use your card again. These are very smart folks who can make it seem legit. They'll take you to settings you never seen and cause things to happen that seem virusey.

My wife just got the call. Unfortunately, she didn't answer as I would have had great fun with them. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: "where's the enter key?"
BTW that number was 661.748.0240 but I'm sure it's a Skype number and not a real one so it could be almost any number.
Anyway, don't fall for this Microsoft will NEVER call you up about a virus. If you get this call just hang up on them it's a scam.

Another scam/trojan that I've gotten several calls on is the FBI lockpage. It appears on your browser informing you that you have been doing illegal activity on the internet and that until you pay a fine (website included) you won't be able to access the internet. Just another spin on the scareware viruses. Again the FBI will NEVER remotely lock your computer until a fine is paid. They might monitor your every communication but that's another rant. 8)~
They come a knockin' :crazy
Keep your virus definitions updated and run your scans but most importantly of all. Go buy a freaking backup solution with the cheapness of USB drives and such there's just no reason not to.

Good fishing boys!!!!!

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Post Posted: 09:46pm - Aug 14,13 
Haha phone call telling you that you have a virus. That is awesome.



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Post Posted: 01:06am - Aug 18,13 
I got that FBI lock page once. Found out Microsoft's Security Essentials found it and got rid of it. I was shocked.

The key with that one is to have another user account to log into the machine as it disrupts the normal user using the machine.

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