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Post Posted: 10:27pm - May 21,12 
Most of my pictures are on my iPad and I was having trouble uploading them
Is it even possible or do I need a home computer?
Thanks for the help


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Post Posted: 10:30pm - May 21,12 
I believe you need a home computer just because when you upload them to the site you have to browse and choose the photo.
dont quote me on it though

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Post Posted: 05:51am - May 22,12 
Vereee Interestingg (a reference for all you laugh-in crowd) :D
I would have to say that it's possible in theory anyway.
While I don't have an iPad I do have a Kindle fire. I sideloaded a popular file explorer app called ES file explorer I was NOT able to get the pics to upload using it; however, using the fire photo gallery I had no problem uploading. Admitted they're two different operating systems but since the site can handle android (Linux), windows, and mac it should be able to handle the iPad. Have you tried a different file explorer, the gallery? Limited use of the iPad so I can't really give you a magic bullet but I'm sure it's possible. Maybe another user will chime in.


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