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I just saw this story on the news. Nothing makes me happier as a sportsman to see things like this. When I have time I watch those shows that follow DNR officers around and I'm always happy to see when they bust someone for poaching game and selling it. I have people tell me all the time that they want some venison and will pay me for it. I try and tell them that I can't sell it but will be happy to give some out when I have extra. I had some people this year want the tail and heart from the deer I shot and offered to give me $$ for it. I told them that I can't do that but would gladly give them the tail and heart. As a sportsman I try to utilize every part of the deer I can so I gladly gave both to them. I've had no takers on the skins this year and don't have the freezer space to store them in the warm weather. Hopefully I can find someone later in the year. We used to have a shop outside of Kenosha that would trade you a pair of gloves for the skin but not sure if they are doing it this year. Anyways, here is a brief story of what happened. The Raccoon I really don't mind too much but you sell venison, then now we have problems...

Again, a BIG thanks to the officers who took this guy down! ... l-eateries

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