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Went out with the girlfriend and a buddy at about noon. Cruised around the east shoreline throwing spinnerbaits and shaky heads no luck. Pulled the boat up over at the beach on the northwest side of the lake for a bathroom break... Decided to throw the shaky head out from the shore. On the 3rd cast landed a 15 ounce LMB. Next cast hooked up on a bass again but didn't get a good hook set and lost it. Threw out a couple more casts as the cloud cover began to break. All the sudden felt a hard bite and set the hook as hard as I could. The fish took off and started burning the drag on my reel. I was thinking I was hooked into a monster bass. Got the fish close to shore and up to the surface after a 5 minute fight and saw it was a channel cat. Got it out of the water and weighed it ended up being 6LB 3OZ. I was really surprised a landed this cat on a shaky head. I would assume it was because of the garlic scent I infuse all my plastic worms with. Anyways the sun came out and the fishing turned off. Went back to the lady's and relaxed for a bit until the sun started to go down under the tree line. We decided to throw out some nightcrawlers under a bobber. I am sitting and fishing not having any luck while my girlfriend is nailing fish after fish. She ended up catching about 5 bluegill and a nice striped bass from 7-8 I ended up only catching like 2 blue gill. Will try and get pics up but, all were taken on my girl's phone which she unfortunatly dropped in the lake getting out of the boat. But I do have to say the fish are finally turning on in Forest Lake and it was a good day.

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