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Post Posted: 08:21pm - Dec 14,11 
i was wondering if anyone can suggest a mid range camcorder maybe waterproof or resistant,going to wisconsin musky fishing in june and would like to start looking now, thanks matt


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Post Posted: 02:57pm - Dec 15,11 
I did a bunch of research on this topic about a year ago, so realize that some of this will be dated info. Tech changes so fast that even though the model I ended up getting was just released at the time, it is probably not even available anymore (I didn;t check, so maybe it is).

Some of the things I learned were, in general, Sony products had the best low-light performance while Panasonic had the best image-stabilization and highest optical zoom. Since I don't have kids and, thus, won't be shooting too many indoor events (birthday parties, recitals, first steps, etc), Low-light capacity was less important to me. However, a higher zoom magnification and stabilization (for getting close to wildlife) was more important to me. I also wanted a "full-sized" camcorder body, since I have big hands, instead of some of the cameras now that are closer in size to a cell phone. I learned that most manufacturers make models that record on different media. I chose a camera that recorded on internal memory and/or an SD card. I did not want a model with a built-in hard drive, since I could anticipate it getting bumped and jostled around quite a bit. I also didn;t want to pay the extra cost of a "twin media" version that could do both. I also wanted full HD, but not 3-D.

After shopping around, I pulled the trigger on a Panasonic HDC-SD80P. I actually had made my decision to buy a Panasonic HDC-SD65P, but found out, at the last minute, that the 80 was going to be coming out 2 weeks later, so I waited and got the newer version for about the same price. I almost wish I had gone with the 65, though. I had handled one in the store and it fit my hand well. I didn't realize the 80 was a little smaller and it doesn't fit my (large) hand as well. It is still a great camcorder, though.

What is good for you will depend on how you intend to use it and what the end result needs to be. If you just need something to shoot short clips for YouTube, I won a Nikon CoolPix L22 in a raffle that shoots decent video at 640p that is perfect for YouTube. You could probably find the equivalent current model for about $100.

Good Luck with whatever you decide.

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