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Post Posted: 02:41pm - Sep 28,15 
I haven't posted here for a while but wanted to bring this to everyone's attention.

Not sure if it's been discussed here but if you've been on the river you have seen the results of sand build up throughout the state park section and above it. Here is our chance to help protect the river system as our interest as fishermen are threatened. This gem of a river holds amazing wildlife from bald eagle(s) to hogs called smallmouth.

Check out this petition out to stop Singleton Stone, LLC Quarry from releasing huge amounts of sand down the Kankakee river system. And, the Facebook page for the Kankakee River.



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Post Posted: 02:28pm - Oct 23,15 
It should get more attention. You're basically fighting big oil so you picked a tough fight. messing sucks, mining of all kinds is very destructive. And the Kankakee is threatened by it. What happened to the Grand Kankakee Marsh resurrection? Fight the good fight. I'm in, and I hope you win

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