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Visited the big river for the first time since things have settled down. Wow, they are going to have to change the name to the "Big Sandy ", someone call Indiana and tell them to come and take their sand back home. Anyway, first day, three hours, two nice 16 inchers on a black buzzbait and many blowups. Next visit was a total skunk, couldn't fish where I wanted because of all the fishermen so I went home early. Yesterday, nothing for the first hour then hit a 50 yard stretch that accounted for my next six fish 18,16 1/2, 15 and 3-14's. All came on either a chugbug or stickworm, if they didn't fully commit to the chugbug I would follow it up with my other rod rigged with a stickworm.
In spite of all the sand I saw many crayfish and tons of minnows.



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Post Posted: 01:50pm - Sep 1,15 
I would say those are pretty good outings considering most of the reports coming in are really bad. Couple fish or a skunk. Pressure has been great, with many anglers, drift boats, and kayaks. Sand from the flood waters is swallowing up the river. Still is a lot of bugs, minnow, and crawdads though.

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