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Hey fellow fishermen, I got out sunday morning and went to the historical marker hole. It's just north of aroma park on sand bar road. There is a bunch of islands before the hole and I got two small ones on the way to the deeper hole and then the fun came. I was casting into about two feet of water, I can see the bottom and the rocks but not the fish. I get two small ones and then a nice two and a half pounder, then they stop hitting topwater so I tied on a grub and got two more and missed a walleye. I move up into the hole and got three more small ones and missed a nice three pound walleye, got her all the way to me went down to grab her and she shook her head and there went the hook. I've been pounding the aroma park area all year round and never had a good day. I thought maybe do to the bad winter they just wasn't there. I'm glad to see there is still fish there that are bigger then baitfish.

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