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Post Posted: 03:02pm - Aug 17,18 
My father and I recently went on a trip to Eagle Lake, Ontario. We went out of Temple Bay Lodge.. We fished all week in a Kingfisher boat which I had previously never heard of let alone used. I was very impressed with the construction of that boat. It was a tiller motor, 50 hp Merc. which I prefer and I think the boat was 18.6. Anyway in crossing some rough water and watching from the back I was impressed by the solid state of the boat. It rode some 3 plus ft waves very well. They seem to be built really solid. Just wanted some of the boat guys thoughts for the future...Thanks in advance fellas...

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Post Posted: 06:11am - Aug 18,18 
I don’t own a boat now but will when I retire in a few years. These style of heavy gauge aluminum all welded design really interest me. Like the fact these is lifetime warranty on these bots and no wood in the transom.
Many of these Northwest style boats have a small area in front of windshield to help with self bailing in heavy waves. My thoughts are too small to fish out of.
Now Kingfisher has more traditional full windshield boats that look great - seen one at a dealer in Michigan.
I too would be interested in hearing from guys that own or have owned one.
Built like a tank!

Interesting in that these particular models never seem to show up on used boat sites for sale. That means that owners won’t part with them or Kingfisher just doesn’t make that many of them.



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Post Posted: 01:13pm - Aug 18,18 
check out Calumet Marine if your looking. They sell service northwest style boats and are awesome folks to deal with. And they Love fishing. Unbeatable combination in todays world.


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one things for sure

Things change
Boat companies are not the same as they where a few years ago some get better some just get more expensive
Been a North west style boat dealer for over 20 years now and have changed brands a few times
Currently a Thunder jet dealer
( I do believe they are the best bang for the buck)
Sold Hewes craft for years
But when I had Thunder jets and hewes craft boat in stock side by side
I had to sell the Hewes craft at invoice to move them along
Dealer in Grand Rapids Michigan Has King Fishers in stock with a couple other boat lines
go have a side by side look see
Its hard to imagine or explain but easy to see the differences

we had the thunder jet boat and hewes craft at the Arlington race track sport show last winter
WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA FOR US we are a small dealer try to stick to what we are good at and best for our customers
can't have every thing we work hard just like our customers > Keeping up with the changes in motors and boats

they are all great boats compare and decide for your self



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