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So I'm going to upgrade my trolling motor from 12v to 24 volt. (Got a steal of a deal on a terrova) My 2 bank 12 volt charger won't cut it, so do I install a 3 bank 120v charger, or a 3 bank alternator charging system and just plug in a 12 volt charger into the system when parked?
If I put in a MK330pc at about $250, running my motor will not charge the trolling motor batteries. But with the boat sitting idle in the garage, it will charge and maintain the batteries.
If I put in a MK3DC, it will charge all three batteries with the motor running, and I can add a portable charger to the input circuit when parked.
3lbs vs 8lbs is not a big deal, but I don't want to buy both. losing my guest charger and isolator might give me enough room. I'm just looking for some options.



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Go with the 3 bank charger, Running your motor will not charge the trolling motor batteries sufficiently. Also how do you expect to charge a two bank 24v system with a plug in portable charger? You would have to charge one battery at a time, that becomes almost impossible. That's the reason onboard chargers exist. I will also suggest this- go with a 15amp 2 bank charger for TM batts then use a portable on your starting battery. Since your starting battery will be getting charged from your outboard, topping it off with a portable is okay,doesn't need to be every night either. The more amps you have charging the Trolling batteries the quicker they will charge.

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If you have 3 batteries then just get a 3-bank charger. If it is a good charger you can leave it plugged in all winter to keep the batteries healthy.

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