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Was able to go out and hit two ponds in the Far West Joliet Area between the rain. Got out around 10AM and was chased away after receiving a good shower by 1215-1230PM. Today was, all in all, a good day with a large amount of the fish caught being between 12-14 inches. Unfortunately, I did not count my fish today but can estimate I probably ended the day with around 15-20 caught and the same amount missed. Not a day of monsters but a fun day nonetheless.

At both ponds I stopped at, the majority of bass came from the drop after the first weed line. A few were found very tight to shore and appeared to be chasing bait fish every time. One fun note from today was the bass were very willing and aggressive. Most bass I saw attacked the lure immediately or shortly after when it was dropped. When using the Bass Assassin, many of the bites came on the initial sink after the lure hit the water.

I continued to have success with the Bass Assassin (Both 5 Inch and 3 Inch type). These worked well in the Dupage river and continue to impress me even in the ponds. I also tried an Ultra Light Crank Bait (1 Inch size) and was pleasantly surprised. The crank bait was noticed to be a favorite with the aggressive fish I found while the Bass Assassin seemed to net me the larger ones of the day. I am very excited to try the crank bait in the rivers and see how the small mouth react to a small one like that.

After hiding from the rain for awhile, I was able to drive by the Dupage River today. I was happy to see even after the rain, the river still looks very clear and slow. As of right now, the depth has only risen by .10FT and the flow is only up maybe .25kcfs. Looking like I will have a great day to take another trip tomorrow with the Kayak. If anyone is doing a float in the Joliet area and sees someone in the kayak shown in my last post, please stop and say hi. Always willing to chat and float for a bit.

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