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Post Posted: 10:07pm - Sep 11,10 
hit the west side of the dam in geneva. arrived at 6:45pm. A family of other fisherman were just on the downstream side of the dam. I set up just above the dam with crawlers, large golden roaches and stink bait. Not even a bite. Saw the family below catch a few channel cats. The family left around 8:00 with a whole gaggle of channel cats, probably 10 or 12 cats. All in the 2 to 5lb range. They said they caught them on crawlers right against the wall.
I put two poles downstream of the dam and 1 pole upstream. Caught a 3lb flathead on a roach about 9:00. Past that, only a few bumps. Very slow.
Did see a black crowned night heron and a river otter playing in the dam. First time I saw those two creatures on the Fox.
Good luck out there.



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Post Posted: 11:03pm - Sep 11,10 
yup, been real quiet lately. I have been going out late nights due primarily to insomnia. I like the peace and quiet as much as anything else.

I have had best luck on roaches and crawlers, and believe or not... I have never caught a cat on stinkbait. I tested stinkbait and crawlers side-by-side several times for channels, and crawlers won every time. I never bought stink again. Crawlers also outproduced chicken livers 4 to 1 in the same way.

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