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Post Posted: 12:23pm - Jun 18,10 
I want to go for smallies, wallyeye and even largemouth...any stretches or kinds of tackle to bring...I am fairly a new fisherman but 3 buddies and myself are out for some fish..any kind of tips or information would help a lot thanks Jimmy and Hello Everyone in Chi-Town! Just subscribed to the site :P


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Post Posted: 01:59pm - Jun 18,10 
Welcome to the site Jimmy. I personally haven't been to the river in awhile but generally throw smaller baits, Get you some little spinners from wal-mart get you some small jigheads put them bad boys on with either a live minnow or a little tube (white is always good) and slow roll it close to the bottom. In the river Holes are our friends. Find a deep spot and fish it.
I'm sure there is much better information to be gleened from the site.

Do a search for "Fox" or Fox report and you should find all the information you need. You can even search for this date range :winker

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(Geneva/StC area) Rebel Wee Crawdad in natural colors is a top smallie choice up here on the Fox. White jigs and jig spinners also, and a floating jighead on a walking sinker with crawler or minnow will get action. Occasional walleye, cats like the minnows too, and quillbacks and drum are not unheard of. There have been some very-well kept secrets about muskie in the Geneva/StC area, incl. a 42" taken last year N of Roosevelt. They sneak out of the Chain at high water, and sit below the dams.

Floating crankbaits have produced just about everything on the Fox, like the multiple big carp a buddy has caught using an X-Rap. For reference, he has pics of a 30+ grass carp from Silver Lake on a rattlin' crank. Go figure.

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