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Post Posted: 11:06pm - Apr 2,10 
Was out today for a couple of hours in the Geneva/Batavia area. The bite was a little slow. Did better with jigs. Nothing on the JSR-4. Saw a guy snag a carp in the tail. That was pretty exciting. Managed a couple small smallmouth(nothing to take pics of.) Really windy and the water is still a little cold. Might want to wear some sweats under your waders if you are not using neos.



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Post Posted: 06:03am - Apr 3,10 
Fished downstream of Yorkville- all day. Caught one smallmouth about 2 lbs. Worst day ever on this stretch of river despite the water being in perfect shape- except for the moss floating down which messedup every cast almost. Never seen that much moss in the Fox. Was fishing for walleye with lures.



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Post Posted: 06:05am - Apr 3,10 
The water is too clear...........we need some rain to add color.

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