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Post Posted: 09:02am - Oct 11,09 
Ok here is the scoop!

I live at Lake Holiday and for the last few day's they have had the main gate on the dam wide open to drop the lake for the annual dam inspection.

Well I took a drive down to the dam last night and there is no water coming over the dam face and the Somonauk Creek below the dam is very low!

So I start thinking about all the walleyes & muskies, and panfish we dumped over our dam in the last 2 seasons and I get a flash in the head!

With the creek dropping as low as it is there is likely going to be a large amount of fish dropping back into the Fox at Sheridan where the creek meets the river, right?

And they plan this year to keep the lake down for at least 10 days for shoreline homeowners to do any maintenance too!

So my guess is that there will be a huge exodus of fish in Somonauk Creek dropping down to the Fox, right?

Well anyway I am definitely going to wade the area tomorrow and will let you all know if it was a good hunch or not. I will bring the camera and post pics too!

If anyone else wants to give this idea a try too I plan on getting to "The Last Resort" bar & grill on the Fox at the new Sheridan bridge around 11:00 Monday morning to test my theory. :D

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Post Posted: 06:15pm - Oct 11,09 
Sounds like sound logic to me. They've got nowhere else to go.... :lol:



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Post Posted: 06:33pm - Oct 11,09 
hey Lance that sounds like a good idea might just have to see you tomorrow, btu we have no bait with you being closed. mike

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