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I met Scott D. and one of his buddy's down at the dam at around 2. It was a warm day with warm wind! It's been a while. We started fishing a big eddy in front of the large island. We didn't get anything. Scott's friend Dan, if I remember right, got a few hits though. We moved to the hole that produced very well before the ice capped over. We got a few hits under the bridge and by the dock, but no takers. I had a few Carp, but lost them. I'm sure they didn't bite. We tried some more spots with no success. We then went back to the big island and fished for a little bit, and again a few hits, but no takers. I don't know what was going on. LOL :wink: Maybe they are just getting use to the change in water temp right now. I seen two fish swimming very slow and they let me pick them up and then swam off after I put them back in the water. We had fun, even though we didn't get any Walleye. It was very nice to be out on the river while it's warm again! I also seen a fish in shallow water by shore walking across the bridge and when I got down to the spot it was a decent Largemouth. I'm suprised no Largemouth bit today. Usually on the warm days after cold days you get one or two. I moved to some more spots by the dam with no success after catching one Carp, snagging a Carp, and two Quillback. We left around 5 or so. Great to meet you Scott and Dan. Hopefully next time we get together we will get some Walleye or Bass! I had fun taking pictures though. I got a bunch of the river. Spring is coming! Hopefully fishing the cooling lake tomarrow I will get a Smallmouth! Get a dose of relief! :wink: Good luck if you get out. Scott D. used some minnows and jig and twisters, Dan used a jig and twisters, and I also used a jig and twisters and also tried a Walleye Assassin.

Here are some pictures

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image


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