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A warmer day than yesterday, but still pretty cold. I got to the river at about 6:30 and fished the same spot me and Justin fished yesterday. After I broke some ice, I started to fish with a Jig and Motor Oil Twister Tail. Didn't get any hits for about 10 minutes and then I finally had one on. It turned out to be a Largemouth, but I lost it about a yard from shore. Didn't get one hit on the Motor Oil for about 5 minutes so I switched to a Walleye Assassin. Well, got another fished hooked, but this time a small Carp about 2 pounds. Fished with the Walleye Assassin for about 10 minutes longer and then switched to perl to only get a small Drum that got off.
I hope after this week of 40's and 50's, we will have some better fishing on the river. When the ice melts the holes will be uncovered, and when spring comes; We will be cured!

It was a nice, nice day to be out. I Got on the water at about 4 and looked for some new spots since the better holes are still iced up. I fished about 4 different holes that I don't do as well as in the iced up holes around this year, but gave it a shot with a jig and twister. I ended up finding 3 schools of carp. I found this first out by getting a lot of scales. Then finally I thought I had a Walleye on, but ended up being about a 5-6 pound Carp. Right after I caught it I moved. Went the the large eddy in front of the island closest to the dam and tried with no luck except 1 scale. Fished a couple more spots with no success so I decided to try shallower water near the bait shop. Got nothing their as well. I'm pretty sure that they are stacked under the ice with the baitfish in our number one hole right now. Hopefully the ice will melt in the next couple days! Suprisingly, no one eles was on the water. I felt right at home with the nice breeze hitting me as I sweat in my waders! Good luck if you get out.

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