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Fished a fairly new area today with the waders. I started at about 4:30 and ended at about 6:15. I fished a few new spots and was looking around foe some spring hot spots. I found some holes I had not fished before and started throwing a small husky jerk. I fished one area without a hit and began to move farther down river. I found another hole and hooked into a 5 pound carp. I thought I had snagged it, but nope, right in the mouth. I kept fishing and found that this hole was pretty large and I am sure will be great for cats this summer. I moved about a hundred yards farther down river again to find another hole and hooked into another carp in the mouth, it was a little smaller than the first one. I then proceded down river to the front of an island to find a small, calm, deem area to find a school of about 15 channel cats. I know Ken G had said he saw flatheads and I thought it was cool but this was awesome. They were nothing huge but from 1-3 pounds. It was cool. They were not sitting on the bottom though they were slowly swimming around in a tight group until I tried walking into the water near them when they shot off. It was really cool to see them. I have never seen that before, but it was really cool.


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