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Post Posted: 04:53pm - May 5,09 
hi, I am a student at Waubonsee and I am doing a problem english paper, so I thought a good topic would be about how people decide to take fish, when they are not supposed. Im sure we can all agree this is a problem that makes most if not all of us really mad. so it would be very helpful if anyone can give me any comments on this subject, any soultions to this problem, punishments to peole that get caught doing this, or anything useful that i may use.

Thank you so much to anyone that leaves a comment!!

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Post Posted: 05:13pm - May 5,09 
It depends how serious the infraction....a weekend or two spent removing trash from the river would sound reasonable.



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I might be criticized for this but here goes.I once let my son keep a fish he wasn't supose to only because he was 5 and wanted to show it to everyone,but sence then he does practice catch and release. Another time i knew of a friend of mine who he and wife were out of work with 3 kids,he was out every third day keeping what he caught saying have to eat and save money now, I could not realy fault him for that.

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