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Today was a very, very cold day. But, that didn't stop us from getting to the river. It was the first time in a week and a half, two weeks that I seen flowing water and not a hole in the ice. I think we got on the river at about 3:30 or so. We went right to a hole on the large island and fished an eddy for about a half hour. We had a few hits and Justin had his line break on a hook set. Fish were their, just no takers. This was also the hole that was stacked with Cats about a month or two ago. We decided to go check out the hole that would definately produce if it was open, but with our luck it was iced over. So, we walked to the hole right accross from it. We set things up and right away started getting hits. We both had rods out with a hook and split shot. I had a nice hit and set the hook, but lost it after a 4 second battle. So, as I was putting on a minnow, I hear a big cracking noice and step back after seeing a chunk of the ice break off and Justin fighting ro get out of the water. LOL! Scary times! I guess Justin didn't realize that it was two feet deep cause he was fighting for his life! We had a few laughs and then it was back to fishing. I put on a Jig and Walleye Assassin and Justin a Jig and Minnow. We decided to break off some ice over the hole so we could cast, and luckely it was only a couple centemeters thick. Got nothing, but a couple hits after that. (could have just been rocks) So, we decided it was time to call it a day. The Walleye were either here or not. The hits could have just been little Catfish, or just smart Walleye. We took some pics with Justin and a Minnow and me with my Rod and Reel so we didn't go home without a memory! LOL. I also experimented. We were wondering if it was so cold out if my tounge would stick to my reels spool. Of course, being the scientist that I am, (yeah right) tried it out. I kept it on for about 2 seconds not thinking it would work. As I tried to get it off I noticed it was stuck! My tounge came off right away, but felt weird afterwards. Kinda like sticking your tounge on a battery. Justin then tried it and the same happened to him. Got some more laughs in before we waded back to the truck. It was nice to see the river again and I can't wait for the weather to warm up, which isn't that for away! 40s this week and 60's this weekend! We might hit Braidwood this weekend, which will be my first time fishing it. Thanks for reading my report with no fish! I will make it up with another with pictures! LOL, thanks and Good Luck if you get out.

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LOL, sounds like you guys had a good time without any fish.

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