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Post Posted: 04:03pm - Nov 15,08 
I fished c ville yesterday morning from about 11 to 2 and we did not get a bite. We were using husky jerks and hot n tots without success. We fished between the dam and ottos from shore. Any advice about how to get into those EYES i keep seeing pics of?????


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Post Posted: 04:57pm - Nov 15,08 
Night fishing and switch over to some live bait bouncing bottom.

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Post Posted: 08:22pm - Nov 15,08 
The fish in the pictures aren't coming from the Dam to Ottos area, not that there aren't fish there. 11 - 2 is normally the worst hours to fish for walleyes, try dusk if you don't like to night fish. Minnows baits can be great for cold water walleyes but they are really best used at night.

From the reports, you need to find deeper slack water adjacent to current.

If all else fails take a walk by the river at night and look for 3 or 4 people wading, they most likely are there for a reason. :lol:



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Fish ARE being taken from the area between the dam and Otto's. Don't give up on that area it's full of fish.
Find the deepest water with the slowest current and you'll find at least a couple holding in it.
And as posted before, fish at night. This water is way too clear to try fishing them in the day time. even if it's cloud covered. they'll be in the same spots but way too spooky to chase anything.
If you wade this area at night, be careful. It,s not like the rest of the river. there are some deep holes that come up quick.
Minnow shaped baits and work them slow up river. Against the current.

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