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Post Posted: 08:21am - Apr 20,08 
Any thoughts/advice on where to buy a canoe? Looking for used, not abused. I need one big enough for me, wifey and the little one. I'm also open to any and all thoughts on what material is best for our rocky midwestern streams.



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Post Posted: 08:32am - Apr 20,08 
Did you try Freemans sports in Yorkville or Ayers landing in Wedron? They both rent canoes on the Fox and you might be able to get a deal on one of their old ones.


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Post Posted: 09:00am - Apr 20,08 
Here is a past thread that mentions some possibilities. Try some canoe outfitters who sell their used stuff, classifieds, eBay, etc. ... hlight=ely

For a rocky stream I would recommend something in royalex. Aluminum is good too - durable, relatively cheap, although I've heard it tends to hang on rocks a bit more whereas royalex will glide over them easier.
Don't know what you're looking to spend, but this Wisconsin outfitter sells its used Wenonah Adirondacks from $650-800. Good deal and a nice boat (at 16' might be just what you're looking for, depending on how little the little one is).

Try Rutabaga in Madison too - sometimes they have some used ones for sale and they're incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. You can even drive up there and test out various models (on Lake Monona, their backyard) to see what feels good.

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