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Post Posted: 02:21pm - Feb 26,03 
Tried to do a little musky fishing for the evening and the river was frozen solid except a few spots. I tried it until my guides froze then i left. So i went home got my ice gear and fished the backwaters for about 25 min caught a few small gills and thats it.



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Post Posted: 04:02pm - Feb 26,03 
Recently bought a set of (slightly used) neoprene's, anxious to get out that way and check them for leaks..and wet a line. gonna be a hard choice...cast for Ski's or jig for Eye's...decisions decisions! Let us know when the ice is off!



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Post Posted: 04:22pm - Feb 26,03 
I was out at Montgomery over the weekend. Plenty of open water. Snagged a shad and sucker plus had on a couple of fish that I had in the mouth, it was just too dark to tell what they were before they threw the hook.

I guess location is everything.

The water is low which makes for a great time to do some exploring. I walked about a mile of shore, on the ice, sizing up potential high water spots.

All around Montgomery.

But you have to remember, I don't fish dams, so you'll have to look elsewhere.

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Post Posted: 08:57pm - Feb 26,03 
I got me an idea on where my prey might be and if everything works out right I am going to go after them Friday. This area is mostly open as I was down last Friday so this time I think I will head down river instead of up.

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