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Well on this trip even with studying the Delorme Atlas and Gazetter and Google maps I did more driving than fish but it was worth it .

I fished both branches and the main stem of two different creeks as well as two tributary creeks to each of the creeks .

Gear ranged from a 5 ft ultra lite spin with a 100 reel and 6 lb test to a medium lite 7 ft spin with a 200 reel and 8 lb test depending on the size of the water . Some of these waters were a step and a half to three steps wide .

A tiny split shot with a size 10 hook and a bee moth produced creek chubs, sunnies and rockies as well as two 4 inch smallies . An 1/8 oz jig with 2 inch twister tail produced smallmouth , rockies, sunnies and a few chubs in the 9 to 11 inch range .

A crankbait or spinnerbait produced smallmouth and rock bass .

Biggest smallmouth of the day was 15 inches, biggest rockie was 9 inches, the sunnies were all small .

I caught fish every where I fished although a couple of the real small tribs took a bit of wading to find water with enough depth to hold fish .

This is something I long wanted to do in one trip not in various segments over many trips . It really left me feeling like I am more connected to the entire watershed .

taint no feesh here , it's just a fragment of your imagination

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