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Post Posted: 01:31pm - Feb 14,04 
Headed out this Am at about 5:30, stopped at Glens, and on our way, but heat........engine a quick run to K-Mart for some antifreeze and away we go. Looks like he has a slow leak.
Got off at Burns Ditch and felt it was still a little cold, and Winter runs seem to be a little more active later in the Am and Day. Guess we were too excited to get what was I thinking.
So we decided to scout out new locations and revisit some old ones on the Little Cal. in the process we were noticing alot of open water, from Waverly on down.
Finally made it to Trail Creek and headed for the Y, fished for about 2 hours working different holes with bea moss, crawlers, #2 mepps, panther martins and zilch. Nothing seen moving either
Ran into some others guys heading in as we were heading out and they were at Johnson Rd. water was open, no fish caught or seen.

clarity high 1-2 feet
level low, down 1 1/2 feet from a already low level
current, steady to fast in some areas, no ice at all, impeding fishing

So we headed back to Little Cal and stopped at RT. 20 /Spa location, was the only spot where you could kind of park w/o 4 WD. Stayed for about 1 1/2 hours and the same except a few smolts pecking away. Even tried a egg sucking leach, nada. A little more difficult to fish Little Cal d/t edge ice and some skim ice. I would recommend fireline for spinners, less effected by the ice. and fish your floats with a long rod.

Little Cal
clarity, high for LC about 1 to 1/2 foot
level low as well, but not as bad down about 1/2 foot
current slow, still has areas or ice around structure and edge /skim ice.

Headed home to spend V-day with the Mrs. around Noon
The Creeks are definately fishable, I bet with a few of those 40 degree days they are predicting. things will be more favorable, and when the temps get up the fish will be more aggressive.

Tight lines.

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Post Posted: 01:57pm - Feb 14,04 
Thanks for the update bear! I was wondering if anything was going on down that way. Looks like a warm up in the future! Hmm Maybe powerton one day and the creek the next? Or heck just the weekend at powerton

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