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Post Posted: 11:18pm - Jan 10,04 
Well well well, my first official fishing post on CTA.

This post will start out with some hope, then slow down to a screetching halt, but leave you (maybe not) with a glimmer of hope.

Grabbed 'Riley the wonder dog' (cause I wonder what she's good for) and headed toSalt Creek near Graue Mill in Oak Brook. Parked and started to tie on a jig/twister. Within 60 seconds I had 25 ducks right behind me looking for bread crumbs. I quickly thought they would like to meet Riley the yellow Lab. Knowing that I would have to hide/bury a duck carcass somewhere in the area had Riley been off-leash I kept her leash on. As she hopped out of the car I listened to the birds scatter back into the water within seconds. I made my way down stream away from Spring Rd and the bridge. After a few casts I found my first overhead tree branch and saw my jig hanging right in front of my face. I cleard that and headed further downstream. Riley tested the ice along shore for me :lol: and I stayed right against the shore knowing my new tall waterproof boots would keep me warm if I found the thin ice (being a moving stream it's all thin). After 30-40 casts with a jig/Berkley power bait twister tail bouncing along the bottom in and out of the current with no luck I tied on a small floating silver minow. I popped that around the waters for a while without anything. I then moved up to the damn. A few casts with both setups just above and below the damn again with nothing. After several shallow splashed me and one WET dog were heading home.

All in all it was nice to be outside enjoying a cool January day. Riley the dog got to run,jump,splash,get yelled at for getting her leash wrapped around 28 small trees, and watching one bird(possible Kingfisher) dive for a fish without luck...just like me, and we were headed home.
So the trip was relaxing and entertaining. There are fish there but I didn't connect today. I'll be back, probably with live bait some time, and try to find those pools that hide the fish so well.
In summary this is my first fishing post, and it can only get better from here :wink:

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Post Posted: 12:30am - Jan 11,04 
I'll be going to the mill tomorrow 1:30ish........I'll post my results to see if anything's different :)


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Post Posted: 09:54pm - Jan 11,04 
Great first official fishing post.
was a beautiful day to at least be out, sounds like you and riley had a good time. I've been hearing a few guys hitting this creek, have you fished it before? and for what?

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