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Post Posted: 11:14pm - Dec 12,07 
Even after the warning of the snow and ice storms I ventured out this morning and tried to catch a few steelies. Me and a buddy looked on Upper Salt and found that to be blown out, we went down low on Lil Cal and it was blow out, so we decided to fish Upper Lil Cal. We ended up going 2/3 with the two fish both landed on #4 Orange Spinners (I think they are called Slabusters). Anyway it was the first steelies of any real size we had caught on spinners all winter and I was very impressed with the new spinners. I have fished Mepps and Vibrax alot and these have a larger blade that spins more freely and also have a smaller, legal sized hook on the #4 spinner (The size hooks put on a #4 Vibrax and Mepps are actually two big of a treble to legally be used in the creeks).
The fish I lost was drifing shrimp and I never sunk a hook into this fish as I set the hook I saw the fish come up and open its mouth.
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good job on the hookups. #3 slabusters work great for me, i've been using them for a while and i believe he started putting red hooks on them.



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