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I had to be in Rockford this morning for the regional pinewood derby for my youngest. We got knocked out in the first round which was okay as they had a b-day party to go to and I wanted try the Kish since I was out there.

There's not a whole lot to tell. I got one dink and found a lure. The river had excellent clarity and was very wadable. Water temp was prolly low/mid 50's.

I'm very frustrated by that body of water :? I found a few classic spots that should have been holding fish but nothing (or I was doing something wrong). There's a lot of sand out there, not sure how to fish that place. I got a couple tips last year but they were for a different time of year. If anyone feels like sharing I'm all ears. Not so much looking for spots as there seems to be decent access through the FP's. More technique and what kind of water to look for. Oh BTW I was on the South Branch. Thanks


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