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Post Posted: 09:41pm - Feb 4,07 
Fished about a 1/2 mile below the Berrien Springs dam on 2/2/07. had a good time in the snow. Got 4 decent fish 9-10 lbs, all on steelhead skein. Nobody wanted to chase my spinners or spoons, and a gold flat fish went unmolested all day. They were kind of sullen in the cold water, and pulled steadily rather than ran. It was my first time catching fish in water that cold. It looks like that is it for the winter though. We were encountering 2 and 3 inch thick sheets of ice floating downstream, some of them 15 feet wide, and looking like they might be a hazard to the hull.


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Post Posted: 07:10pm - Mar 1,07 
Ken was out guiding on the Joe today. They did good. A couple of them were pretty big too (a 17-pounder and a 13-pounder). He had a fish on when I called him (that was tough for me :-) Conditions will be much worse with all this rain and snow melt.

I'd like to see a 17-pound steelhead. Pretty rare fish. I want to fish :cry:

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fished the joes on sat for walleyes, not one bite. got out to late but was a nice to get the boat in the water. heard capt gary of golden eye charters boated a 11 pounder

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