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Post Posted: 09:26am - Apr 8,06 
I've been hearing a lot about the Plainfield section of the river. I even heard one say that the fish are very small from Plainfield north. I have fished the area around Knock Knolls and a little south and I havent really caught anything with any size to it. Does anyone have luck in these spots? Or do you think I need to take the drive out to Plainfield?



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Post Posted: 07:31pm - Apr 8,06 
There are some decent smallies in there, keep casting.
Maybe small in very small sections, but 12" of water can hold a 17" fish.. :wink:

You might have to wade more and really search for structure.
Since water can be low, more share regions.
When you do find some, cast the snot out of it to ensure diferent baits won't get a fish.

Once during mid-day, I was catching smallies on topwater with no structure. All were mid-river in the shade of tree's.

Since its a smaller waterway, run & gun until you find a holding area..

Take your kids Outdoors....

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