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Post Posted: 10:34am - Mar 13,06 
Took a float down the river on Saturday through Plainfield. The water is really high and moving fast, fast, fast. Even with an anchor dragging behind the canoe it was extremely difficult to stop by a good spot. We tried jig & twister, smallie beavers, x-rap, spinnerbaits & I had a slip rig set up with a lively minnow in the water as well & no luck. I caught about 50 huge branches & broke one of my poles, but it still felt great to get out fishing. Oh yeah, one of the strangest things happend, my bro casted into a creek channel & he hit a fish right square on its head. The fish jumped out of the water as soon as the lure hit em. Couldn't stop laughin after that. Anyone else get out this weekend??


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Post Posted: 05:53pm - Mar 17,06 
Sorry it took so long to post but my internet hasn't been working lately. Sucks about the rod, but good post. Dabomb and I hit the river in Winfield and Naperville last weekend. We didn't do any good as well, and found the same conditions. While wading in Naperville we got stopped by the DNR. Dabomb (also known as Daidiot) had just taken a piss on the side of a bridge when a conservation officer rolled up in his car. He asked for our licenses and said he wouldn't have stopped us if he didn't see Dabomb draining it on the bridge. Dabomb pulled out his wallet and realized he had accidentally thrown out his license when he was cleaning it out. I luckily had mine. He didn't ticket Dabomb, but told us to get out of there. He also didn't say anything about us wading in the river. I honestly do not think they care about that law. I have to go back to school this weekend, but look forward to hitting up the Dupage with some of you guys in mid May when I get back.

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