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Post Posted: 05:19pm - Jan 4,06 
What are the hot spots on the du page right now? Since the ice isnt good enough for my liking wondering where I can catch some fish.



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Post Posted: 09:52am - Jan 5,06 
I think on any river right now, if you find a treatment plant and fish the outflow there should be fish there.
A friend of mine does it on the east branch all winter.

Get the gezatteer and look for the plants. Then you have to find the outflow. It may take a little hiking.

Don't know the ones on the Dupe as well as that on the Fox, but I do know there are over a dozen of them between the east and west branches, as well as the main stem.

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Post Posted: 11:05am - Jan 5,06 
I don't remember seeing much(treatment plant) in the main stream after the two rivers merge but I could be wrong. However, the water is deeper after the two rivers meet, all south/west, until Caton Farm Road, then the structure changes, the bottom is like a solid flat slab of rock in most parts & much more shallow as you go towards shorewood. The river has been tempting me, as I drive over it every day. I might get out this weekend, depending on the weather.

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