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Post Posted: 11:10am - Jun 17,18 
I was asked to install new windows and to reside a house in Orland but that’s not for me. I am a woodworking carpenter with no interest in working with plastic or metal. Jonniefishalot would have been the guy for this for he is a true craftsman but, he retired and moved to Florida.
I’d like to help find the right person who stands tall behind their reputation and cares about the finished product more so than the get-and-go.
Got him?

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Post Posted: 05:12am - Jun 18,18 
Capstone Design & Renovation is a certified installer of siding, I will PM you the information Mr.Luc. Custom home building along with windows.

I am the estimator for the company and can assure you of the quality work.

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Post Posted: 01:39pm - Jun 22,18 
Give Jim a call (SU Pres.) Thermalcraft 630-279-1220. They installed windows and sided my home in Orland. Quality materials. Nice job at a decent price.

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