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Post Posted: 01:35pm - May 20,18 
I remember when I was a kid and my Dad always soaked fish fillets in salt water. I used to do the same thing until I was about 24 but I've found it actually changes the texture of the fish and curls the fillets prior to cooking. I've been soaking them in beer and a bit of buttermilk for the last 25 years and the fish definitely has a more pleasant taste and texture. I'm sure Dad wanted to remove any slime or raw fishy taste/blood but I'm not sure that's the best way. Does anyone else have a soak prior to cooking that is preferred?

Also, when I was a kid, dog shinola used to turn white when it got old and it doesn't anymore... I'm just wondering why.

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Post Posted: 03:26pm - May 22,18 
A lot of that all depends on where you fish and what you keep. i have found cold water walleye and perch are the best to eat. And no walleye over 18 inches hit the grease, only the smaller ones. Doing this I have never had a fishy taste.



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If you take out the blood line, your a lot less likely to get a fishy taste. When you soak something your essentially brining it. Brining will help add flavor and "juicyness" however if you soak/brine to long, your actually starting to cure/preserve it. If you do it for to long, it will change the texture. Same thing with acid. Ceviche is "cooked" using juice from citrus, or acid. Also, soaking stuff will pull the natural juices from the protein, and change the flavor. I would recommend soaking any fish for more then an hour. I would focus on getting all of the blood line out, and that should help with the "fishy" flavor. As far as dog poop, my guess on that would be that the dog food these days has a lot more nutrients, vitamins, and is overall healthier, which leaves the "color" in it, although if it stays out long enough, color will fade. mops

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