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Post Posted: 10:37am - Apr 20,18 
Is it true that St Croix is now making their rods in Mexico? There goes the Made in the USA advertising.

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Post Posted: 11:05am - Apr 20,18 
Some of their cheaper lines are made in Mexico with American parts. Most of the rods are still made in America. Any of the Mexican made are not advertised as made in the USA. It's pretty easy to look up just by going to their website.




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Post Posted: 11:44am - Apr 20,18 
It's about a 50/50 split. They are very clear on where the rod models are made on their site (which has changed recently) and state if a model is made in Park Falls, or Fresnillo Mexico.

For instance the Mojo line is Mexico, the Avid models are Park Falls. They are very clear on the tags also. Warranty is also per model.

I bought a couple of Dobyns rods, assuming they were USA built, wrong, China assembled.

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