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I thought I would give my thoughts on the IceArmor and DrySkinz gloves of which I had purchased in 2016-2017 (jacket) and spring 2018 (gloves). So, I have had a chance to use them for awhile.
I purchased the Ice Armor jacket/parka through Cabela's after seeing it at the Bolingbrook Bass Pro store. This was before Bass Pro owned Cabelas so I got a great price at Cabelas after trying it on at Bass Pro (ike $60 less). I don't ice fish but wanted a coat to walk the dog. So, a coat with 4 pockets (not the slit type but real pockets) to handle the bag of treats and poop bags, waterproof and heavier than a rain coat. I usually layer up and prefer it to one bulky coat. It seemed that ice fishermen would require the same features.

The good....It's a sturdy coat and all the zippers (the big ones and the small ones) are heavy duty; especially the main zipper which is then backed up with snaps. The main zipper is also a 2-way so you can go both ways. I don't need this feature and find it difficult to start (like 6-7 tries t get the zipper going). But I am neutral about any fault since there is also an ergonomic issue concerning the length of my arms to the length of the jacket; therefore, I need to sort of ruffle the jacket to start the zipper. But I like the length so it is no big issue.

The hood is layered and is warm once used and the area around the front of the neck is protected. Nice when that sub-zero temperature combines with a 20-30 mph wind. It would be nice if the hood was detachable since there are days when it is warm enough but also snowing lightly; if not used, it fills with precip.

The not so good....The pockets' flaps should be longer to cover the pocket's mouth. Unlike the picture in the shop, the pockets (with the smallest amount of stuff like a tiny bit of kibbles in the treat bag or 2 unused Jewel bags for the poop) kind of flop open whereupon the flaps don't work. With falling snow, I constantly look for the Velcro attachments to cover the mouths. Which leads to another point; the bottoms of the pockets should have a way to allow water (ala melted snow) to evacuate. Constant flipping out of debris and water is required. I would think the hard water guys would find this irksome. A simple fix for Clam to make.

Again walking the dog, I got a pair of DrySkinz gloves because handling a kibble with ski gloves or any other bulky hand protection is just a pain and therefore, the gloves come off. They do what they say.In 30+ degree weather, I can throw snow balls all day for Sam without my fingers getting wet and frozen. They also hug the fingers and hand. But, in those 20,10,0 degree days, that higginess becomes a fault since the fingers have no air barrier and they stay frozen. And I purposely purchased a larger than needed size. I do volunteering at the arboretum in their forest and would not consider wearing them in the bitter cold of Jan-Feb. I guess one cannot have one (a close fitting glove and waterproof) without the other (a warm glove).

Anyway, those are my thoughts.

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