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What kind of budget set up would be good for a first timer trying to fill the freezer? All harvesting will be done from shore.



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For Kings, you are going to want a 8'6" - 10' Salmon specific spinning rod that is capable of throwing up to 1oz. spoons. I prefer St. Croix, but there are options out there if you need to dial back on the budget. Casting rods are out there as well and can be used, but you don't see much of it here in the Midwest.

For reels, you want one that can hold 200+ yards of your line choice. I throw 10-15 lb braid. 20-30 can be used if you are working around obstructions in rivers/harbors. Smoothness of drag is critical as is cranking power. Most companies sizing will have you looking at 30-40 (3000-4000) class reels. I prefer Shimano. Diana and Penn also have very viable options across most price points.

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