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Post Posted: 06:02pm - Dec 16,17 
Perch still there? Any size? I fished Fox River today near Yorkville. River in perfect shape. Not a fish caught. Many snagged though. I know I was in the right places as I was snagging walleye, gar, and carp but could not get a walleye or bass to bite.



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Post Posted: 06:55pm - Dec 16,17 
Beautiful day, got a limit of 10-11" in about 3-1/2 hours. Just finished eating them. Shore Lunch Original recipe, pan fried. All caught on two strips of Cut bait, drop shot rig with big hook = no dinks. Some spots better than others.



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Post Posted: 10:02am - Apr 10,18 
Any perch reports out of Navy Pier? thinking of heading down to try for Perch or some Coho , what would the Coho be caught on this time of year in there, Thanks

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