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Post Posted: 08:38am - Jun 19,17 
Well, it's been 3 days since the opener. Has anyone had any luck with the perch? I went out yesterday but it was too windy.

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Post Posted: 08:52pm - Jun 19,17 
All I've heard and SEEN is a couple fish here and there. A real bustout ! When I went to Montrose the best I saw was a pair of guys with 3 bigger fish. Caught them on shadraps. The minnow guys were gut hooking babies and feeding the seagulls. It's pretty sad out there.



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Post Posted: 03:03pm - Jun 20,17 
Day 1- Fantastic, as good as it gets
Day 2- Stayed home but a friend went out and limited on jumbos
Day 3- Kept 4 jumbos threw 20 dinks back
Day 4- Dink city one keeper got tossed back
Day 5 (tuesday)- After having 2 not so hot days decided to try different spots. South to North sides dink city.

Smallmouths drum and a couple steelhead have been the only saving grace of the past couple of early morning long days.
The jumbos have moved out already hopefully they will be back.

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