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Post Posted: 12:07pm - May 24,09 
Hi guys,

not many fly fishermen here?

Anybody knows and wants to share good spots for flyfishing near Chicago?

I went to Mazonia once but got only perch and small crappies there.

I'd like something bigger to catch, like bass or trout.

How's Kankakee river for ff?

I'd like also to go to Black Earth, Wisconsin but I don't like to go alone.




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Post Posted: 12:51pm - May 24,09 
check your pm's



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Post Posted: 02:24pm - May 28,09 
kankakee river; with momence, aroma park, state park through warner bridge, below wilmington dam, I55 conservation area - all fly roddable

look for cfs flows of 1600-1700 at momnce to 2500-2700 cfs at wilmington for decent wading conditions

Fox river from Batvia down to Dayton dam have many spots. I consider a cfs reading of 1,000 at Dayton to mean the river is generally wadable. Look at google earth maps for batavia, north aurora, aurora, and then just follow the river down. when you see areas that look good (deep and riffles near to each other) mark that spot and go there.

DuPage has a more tradtional fly rod feel to it, due to it's smaller size. cfs at shorewood of 370 or less is best to me. Do the google earth thing and look from Shorewood, ill down to Channahan. I've had most smallie luck and found best river wading conditions along this stretch.

The Kishwaukee, out by rockford, illinois is nice too, but I don't go as often as the above are closer.

I don't see many guys fly fishing these rivers (or posting about it) - although many say they do - so finding info will require a bit of sleuthing on your part.

Think rock, riffles, runs, pools, bubble lines and current edges in water 18 - 36" deep and you should be getting close to smallmouth.

Please consider that smallmouth are not trout, range further, move alot more, and don't tend to have "feeding lies" so I've found them to occupy slightly different water and be less predictable as to location and feeding methods.

That is to caution you that these rivers do not give up their secrets easily. There are no books and few articles. Don't get discouraged.

hope this is of value.

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Post Posted: 08:34am - May 30,09 
Lots of options within 1-2 hours of Chicago with the fly rod.

Don't forget all of the forest preserve lakes and other ponds around Chicago. Michigan and Wisconsin also have lots of fly fishing opportunities within two hours of Chicago.

Lake michigan at the right times with the fly can be hot too.

Most of the time though I am heading to Michigan. 28 years of it, wow, time flys.





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Post Posted: 07:46am - Jul 25,09 
I have wanted to fish the area of southwest Wisconsin--just west of Yellowstone Lake but am waiting for my son to get somw time off. It would be great to camp in Yellowstone (which has excellent camp grounds) then drive to the creeks to the west. I have only looked at the WI DNR guides. Is anybody familiar with these waters?


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Post Posted: 12:34pm - Jul 25,09 
chuckt wrote:
Is anybody familiar with these waters?

Yes, there are a handful of decent creeks in and around the Blanchardville area. However, I would continue west towards the Fennimore area...enough creeks in that area(ish) to keep you busy for years.

A good starting point would be to look at creeks that fall within a triangle of Monfort, west to Fennimore, north to Boscobel and back.

Good luck!

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